On some roads, a high proportion of vehicles consistently exceed the speed limit. Vehicles travelling too fast introduces extra danger on the road, and this makes the environment less pleasant for other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists. It is also less pleasant for people living nearby.

Important points

Softer measures, then harder measures

Somerset County Council usually tries softer measures first. Warning signs are a typical softer measure, and they alert drivers to potential hazards in the road ahead - many drivers
will slow down when they are made aware of a hazard. If softer measures don't work, harder measures can be considered.

Speeding is a criminal offence

It is illegal to exceed the speed limit on a public road. The Police are responsible for enforcing the speed limit, and penalising motorists if necessary. In reality this is difficult to achieve, because the Police have limited resources, and there are many miles of road within Somerset.

Firstly, consider these measures
Signs and Lines
Village Gateway (signs and lines)
Village gateway treatment with signs and lines
Village gateways with signs and lines aim to reduce the speed of vehicle traffic through villages with subtle measures.
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Road Markings
Lane markings
Road Markings can help to change the behaviour of car drivers - driving more slowly and more safely.
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Warning signs
Warning signs
Warning signs prepare drivers for hazards in the road ahead. They are especially useful where the hazard is not easily visible.
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Chevron signs
Chevrons highlight road bends to drivers, who should slow down and take extra care on the bend.
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Then, consider these measures
Flashing signs & CSW
Community Speed Watch (CSW)
Community Speed Watch
Community Speed Watch is a scheme to allow volunteers to monitor the speed of passing vehicles using a hand-held speed detection device.
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Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs)
Speed Indicator Devices
SIDs can be moved around different locations on a rolling basis. SIDs light up to remind drivers of the speed limit when they detect a vehicle exceeding a certain speed.
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20 MPH when lights show
WigWag flashing lights
20 MPH when lights show signs are commonly used outside schools, and the flashing lights are activated at school opening and closing times.
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Vehicle-activated Signs (VAS)
Vehicle activated sign
VASs are an electronic sign which only become visible when approaching vehicles are exceeding a certain speed.
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Finally, look into these measures
Physical features - horizontal
Road Narrowing
Road narrowing
Road narrowing simply reduces the width of the road. This could be achieved in a number of ways, however the technique normally used in Bristol involves extending the curb at a junction entrance with a bollard on each side.
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Single lane chicanes require one direction of traffic to give way to oncoming vehicles. The chicane normally consists of a raised curb and bollard in one half of the road, with a sign to explain the traffic priority.
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Physical features - vertical
Speed Cushions
Speed cushions
A speed cushion is a short, raised, rounded device, normally in the centre of a road lane. Speed cushions are designed to be slightly wider than a car, so car drivers need to slow down and drive over the centre of the speed cushion to reduce discomfort.
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Speed Humps
Speed humps
Speed humps have a short rounded top which is typically 75mm high. The ramps either side are painted with white arrows to make them more obvious to vehicle drivers.
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Speed Table
Speed table
Speed tables are a raised section of road, with a ramp on both sides. The ramps are painted with white arrows to make them more obvious to vehicle drivers.
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Village Gateway (physical measures)
Village gateway treatment with physical measures
Village Gateways with physical measures aim to reduce the speed of vehicle traffic through villages by building traffic calming treatments in the road.
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Speed Limits & Speed Cameras
Speed Limits
Speed limit repeater sign
Speed limits require drivers not to exceed the stated speed by law.
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Speed Cameras
Speed cameras
Speed cameras photograph vehicles which are travelling over a certain speed. This is usually around 10% over the speed limit. Speed cameras use a radar device to detect the speed of passing vehicles.
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