Four major types of crossing are listed below.

Puffin and Pelican crossings are probably the safest types of crossing, however Zebra crossings are much cheaper and are only slightly less safe.

Roads can become much safer with a Pedestrian Refuge Island if other crossings are too expensive.

Available Schemes
Puffin Crossing
Puffin Crossings use traffic lights to stop cars, allowing pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians push a button at the side of the road, and wait for a signal to cross . this is from a standing red man to a walking green man.
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Zebra Crossing
Zebra crossings help pedestrians cross from one side of the road to the other. They have white strips painted onto the road in the crossing area, with flashing yellow lights at both sides of the road on black and white striped poles.
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Pedestrian Refuge Island
A refuge island is a raised section of pavement between two lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions. The Islands normally have yellow and white plastic bollards with a blue arrow to remind drivers to keep left.
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Pelican Crossing
Pelican crossings are no longer installed in Bristol, so this page is for reference only
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