Neighbourhood Partnerships

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Bristol's neighbourhood partnerships provide a way to get local roads improved.

Each of the 14 Partnerships have a budget of around £40,000 to £60,000 to spend each year, and they can choose to spend some of this on one road improvement scheme.

The schemes usually help to improve the safety and feel of roads within the Partnerships.

you can contribute to this process
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First, take a look at the Tracker

Traffic Choices Tracker shows if the concern or suggestion has already been logged.

Logged concerns will be considered this year against other concerns already raised with the partnership. You can follow the progress of this concern (or “issue”), as well as other concerns using the tracker.

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if the issue isn't logged, you
can contribute in two ways
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Get in touch with the neighbourhoods
team at Bristol City Council

The neighbourhoods team will add your concern / suggestion to a list which is discussed at the neighbourhood forum and
Transport Group

Go along to your local Neighbourhood Forum

At the neighbourhood forum, you can raise your concern or suggestion with the partnership. If you’re at the meeting to explain your ideas, it might help the partnership to prioritise the issue, and support any suggestion you might have

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before you do either of these...
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Take a look at the traffic schemes on offer on Traffic Choices

It'll help you consider all the available options for traffic problems, and give you a good idea of what could work best on your roads. Cost estimates are given for each option, but this can vary. This will be especially useful at Neighbourhood Forums or Transport Groups, if you go to these.

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track issue progress
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Traffic Choices Tracker shows how the Neighbourhood Partnership
and Bristol City Council are progressing the issue

It tracks the decision process within the neighbourhood partnership, which involves a number of special transport group meetings. At these meetings the partnership prioritises the most important issues, and works up proposals to attempt to cure the problem. One proposal is chosen each year, and the tracker continues to display progress on design work and construction.

More information
on how decisions
are made

There’s a process for deciding which issues are chosen

The neighbourhood partnerships prioritise issues they feel are most important, and work on proposals with Bristol City Council’s engineers.