Heavy Goods Vehicle Problems


HGVs can cause problems for local residents. Frequent HGV issues are:

  • Causing excessive noise and vibration when using small residential roads
  • Getting stuck on narrow roads
  • Causing traffic congestion on local roads

It's important to remember, however, that HGVs are integral to some aspects of the local economy in Somerset.


HGVs often use unsuitable roads because drivers are not familiar with the local area, and may be using a SatNav which points them towards unsuitable roads.

However, some drivers with local knowledge will still use unsuitable roads because the route is convenient.

In some cases HGVs must use a particular route because they need to gain access for a delivery, for example.

Possible Solutions
HGV directional signs
HGV directional signage - straight on


  • Encourages HGV drivers to use the most appropriate route available
  • Engineers calculate a route with the least impact on minor roads and communities
  • Still allows HGVs to use a particular road
    if they need to gain access


  • Very easily ignored
  • No requirement to follow the signs
  • May not be fully understood by foreign HGV drivers
"Unsuitable for HGVs" signs
Unsuitable for HGVs sign


  • Can be used where directional signs (above) have not worked
  • Can be used where a proven HGV ratrun occurs
  • The signs can include a logo showing a lorry with a red line through. This may be more effective, especially for foreign drivers


  • Advisory only - can be easily ignored
  • The signs can simply 'push' the problem onto other unsuitable roads
  • Too many signs leads to sign clutter
Weight Limit
Bollards parking deterrent

Weight limits are rarely used, due to:

  • Extensive legal and survey work required
  • Effects on other nearby communities, due
    to the re-routing of HGV traffic
  • Difficulties enforcing the weight limit


  • Can be effective at diverting HGVs


  • Can be easily ignored
  • The Police must be present to enforce a weight limit
  • Does not prevent HGVs using the road when access is required
  • Relatively expensive to install
Further information

You can get further information on HGVs and abnormal loads on the Somerset County Council website